About Us

Why are we called RoofTop HoT? We grow on our rooftop, and it’s hot up there!  We started growing our own food on our rooftop in Baltimore, Maryland because we were concerned about where our food was coming from and what chemicals were being used in the foods we ate.

We began to share our harvest with others and soon outgrew our space on our rooftop.   We expanded to create two small-scale farms in Derwood and Cambridge, Maryland.    We sold our produce at a farmer’s market and created a home delivery program so people could have fresh fruits and vegetables delivered directly to their door.

Come see us at our Local & Organic Market at 339 S. Conkling Street in historic Highlandtown.   We offer organic produce we grow ourselves as well as produce, meats, cheeses, and artisan goodies from other local farmers and businesses.  We also offer grocery essentials, and home goods to help sustainability-minded folks find products they can feel good about.

Bridging the gap from farm to supermarket, our goal is to grow the food we provide, supplementing with a network of local small independent family farms to offer a wide variety of sustainable goods.

Brett and Sabrina, Founders & Farmers


We are a small family farm and market providing fresh food, consultation, and sustainability services to Central Maryland.

What We Offer

We bring the farm direct to your door!   We offer a market membership with weekly delivery of organically grown fruits and vegetables.   This market membership supports local agriculture like a CSA, but unlike a CSA, you can customize your weekly order.   You can also add sustainable home goods that are healthy for your family and the environment.

How We Grow

We farm using organic, sustainable agricultural practices.   We prefer certified organic, open-pollinated, non-genetically modified seeds and heirloom varieties. This results in tastier, more nutritious food for us  and ethical stewardship for Earth.  We farm naturally,  striving  to understand the intricate interplay of plants and animals so we can produce food without the use of harsh chemicals and harmful pesticides.



Our Services

- Local & Organic Market and Delivery Services

-Garden Design & Maintenance

-Sustainability Services



-Edible & Ornamental Plants

-Garden Coaching

-Gardening Supplies


Our Mission

We strive to enrich our community’s environmental, social, and economic sustainability by:

 · providing consumers with high-quality food options in the  form of affordable, healthy, fresh foods.

 ·   managing consumption of human resources and designing  for reuse

 ·   reincorporating waste products to eliminate runoff to the Bay

 ·  practicing energy efficiency, harnessing natural energy and using renewable resources and waste  energy whenever possible




Info@ RoofTopHot.com

339 S. Conkling Street

Baltimore, MD